The Fraser Financial Group: Kelowna Office

The Fraser Financial Group: Kelowna Office
Left to right: Linda Gronsdahl, Craig Gronsdahl, Quinton Ursulan

Since we established the Kelowna office, our focus has been on providing advice based on our clients’ unique circumstances and a thorough understanding of their financial position. Preparing a holistic plan is an important first step to reduce the anxiety surrounding money and wealth.

Our solutions are based on the best academic research available. Our approach is about science not sales. We believe we should earn our compensation by providing advice, not for selling products.

We know fees are a very important determinant in investment performance and utilize products that carry some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Our job is to build trust and to educate. How our clients invest is at least as important as what they invest in. We teach them how to make disciplined, patient decisions.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our independence and objectivity. They are the cornerstones to putting our clients’ interest first.